Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Hope He Means This

I know I drive my geometry kids (and all the other ones as well) crazy. I mail letters home, I mail exams home. I call their parents if they are doing something wrong, even when they are no longer in my classes. I stop them in the halls when they are trying to make time with a member of the opposite sex and bother them about their grades and getting extra help. I am the original nudge. What I lack in teaching, I make up for in perseverance.

I just got this e-mail from the boy who loves ice cream and JROTC. In fact, he was the one who got me to the competition. I really hope he means what he wrote. He started out doing poorly, got better and has now sunk to all time lows. I've called his house, his JROTC teachers, his battalion commanders. I'm at my wits end. At least this letter gives me hope.

Hey ms.pod... look I been having a bad week and was upset about my personal issues in my life... these two days I been out sick. I’ll come back tomorrow (wed) I hope you can give me a chance to redeem myself starting tomorrow.

If you want can you give me the topic we have been learning this past week and I will go over it myself and learn the material myself. Sorry I have been behaving the way I have

I have to believe tomorrow will be better.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, this gives me hope....

Anonymous said...

Me too! At least he took the time to ask for the work. That's half the battle! (Down here in the 5th grade, they rarely ask for the work, and then parents get upset with the resulting bad test grade. Duh.)

He must realize (on some level) that you care about him. Please let us know if he does the work!

Pissedoffteacher said...

He waited after the bell for me to give him the homework he missed and he reminded me he needed it, so that is a start.

I also made sure I thanked him for writing to me and told him how he could start fresh.

Math is a process. It is the end product that counts.