Friday, March 27, 2009

Rebel With A Cause

It's school survey time again. The parent coordinator was distributing them as I left yesterday. She stressed how important it is that we all fill them out. She assured me of my anonymity.

I don't care about being anonymous. When I have something to say, I say it loud and clear and never worry about who knows what I said.

I told her I haven't decided if I am going to fill out the survey or not. I am against the whole idea of school ratings and report cards. The rebel in me wants to do away with these useless pieces of paper. I know I can't change the system alone, but I have to start. Filling out the form is the equivalent of selling out, something I don't know if I want to do.

(NOTE TO HULA: Don't worry, I already mailed my form and since I was too lazy to read it, I filled it out as suggested. A short faculty meeting and a good lunch goes a long way towards making me cooperative.)


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

That survey was hand delivered to you because they want you to fill it out in front of them!

The deposed Generalissimo in my school had the young teachers fill them out at PD. They filled them out in committee.

When you have so many unprincipled principals nothing out of the DOE can be trusted!

NYC Educator said...

I didn't actually get a survey. Maybe Uncle Joel is not interested in my opinion. That's not to suggest he's interested in anyone else's, by the way.