Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Don't Work Here Anymore, Dirt Bag

I thought I was finished with my Suit posts.

I never used to open school e-mail. Since I had no computer available at work, I had no obligation to check it at home. We now have computers available for use in the teachers' cafeteria and since I was one of the major complainers before, I feel an obligation to check this e-mail every day.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it up today and found this message from ex-principal Suit.

Why no lead time for PT conferences? At least one day?

Ex-Principal Suit,
Educational Dirt Bag, Integrated Trash Police and Upholder of Proper School Attire

Principal Emeritus, Packemin High School

Our UFT exec board went to the administration last week and asked that the due date for grades be changed from Monday to Tuesday so that teachers would not have to work on the weekend. The administration agreed. Suit disagreed and shared his disagreement with the entire staff.

I assumed he was being nasty to our administration and although I have never been an administration fan, I hate it when people are mean and nasty for no reason and I got angry and sent him the following e-mail:

Maybe our new principal was just trying to be nice to teachers--a novel idea!

Not that he needs my support, but my temper always gets the best of me.

Then, a colleague pointed out that Suit was probably directing his evil, nasty comments to the staff. In the past, anytime teachers asked for anything, they were wrong. Every time we asked for something guaranteed by our contract, he assumed we were hurting our students. This never occurred to me because I really never considered us powerful enough to have the administration change anything on our behalf.

So Suit was being nasty to our administration, or nasty to the teachers, or probably nasty to both.

He doesn't work here anymore. He should keep his opinions to himself and at the very least share them privately with other administrators involved.

I'm sure my e-mail and this post (if he knows about it) have not moved me up on his list of favorite people. I guess I will just have to live with that.


NYC Educator said...

It's Mister Dirt Bag to you, thank you very much.

Pissedoffteacher said...

He doesn't deserve the respect of "Mr"

Anonymous said...

He'd prefer Principal Dirt Bag anyway.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I don't think so.....

Tom.... said...

Those dang emails... I sent one to our fearless leader a few years ago that went out to the whole staff about a kid who, in my opinion, was unfarily suspended. Oopsies. Caught a ton of it on that one.
These days, I double and triple check the "to" box, and only send stuff I wouldn't mind my mommy reading. But there are days when I have to take the finger off the trigger, and just LIG (let it go).
Tom Anselm, author

Anonymous said...

How on earth does this dirt bag know what's going on in the school?
I smell a Rat!!

I hope others sent him a "GFY" reply.


Pissedoffteacher said...

he is probably still on the school's e-mail list. A note went out to the faculty telling us when report cards would be distributed.

Dirt bag probably hit the reply to all button by mistake.

I should have replied to all instead of just replying to him, but I didn't want to cause a major scene.

I tried to get others to write back--they are all too chicken or don't want to be bothered.