Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rosie's Transcript

I was just about to head out for my subway and theater adventure when I remembered I could find all the data doodoo I ever wanted right here on my own computer. I have ten minutes to spare, and decided to look Rosie up.

Rosie was a stellar student in the ninth grade. She passed every subject, most of her grades were in the 80's and in the first two terms of math A she got a 96. (I knew she was good in math even though her test data did not show it.) Tenth grade was the beginning of her decline. She failed multiple subjects and did not bother showing up for any of her regents exams in June. The fall term shows her failing every single subject.

My chariot awaits, ready to carry me off to the subway--off to wander the city and then see some new show that has not even been reviewed yet. I hope I get one of those new E trains again. Sorry, no time to find a picture for this post.


Anonymous said...

oh my .... are you using the word
data in a post. I must have enhaled too much toner today. -ES

Chaz said...

Joel Klein called and said Rosie's failure was due to the teachers. If only Rosie was allowed to go to those Charter schools he is pushing. Rosie would be on her way to graduation.

Pissedoffteacher said...

not data--data doo doo!