Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Delivered As Promised

We got computers in the teachers cafeteria and a printer!

And, because of this I was able to write the following recommendation for one of my geometry kids:

JC is an intelligent young man with a marvelous sense of humor. These two assets combine to make him the kind of student every teacher dreams of teaching. He is always ready to share his work with others in the class, either by volunteering to do a problem at the board, answer a question or help a fellow student. His answers are quick and correct and he readily asks about anything he does not understand.

Although I am JC's math teacher, I know that he is well versed in other areas as well. I have heard him intelligently discussing many other topics, such as the election and our current economic situation. He was able to explain “recession”, “depression” and the “problems with printing too much money” with clarity well beyond his years.

I mentioned his sense of humor in the first paragraph because this is the one characteristic that sets him apart from others. He enjoys life and knows how to make a class come to life. School would be quite boring without him.

JC has a strong desire to succeed. This characteristic, combined with his other qualities will guarantee his success in college and in life. I recommend him highly.

JC is a great kid but he can be a real pain. I let him read the recommendation and then I told him I was not going to hand it in until he stopped driving me crazy. "Ms, I never do that," he said as he was strolling around the room. "You do it all the time," I answered. "That's okay, I don't need it anyways" was what he said as he sat down. But, surprisingly, he worked great all period. No jokes were told and he did not clown around.

Hopefully this carrot dangling in front of his face will keep him working.

And, thank you Principal Hula for moving us into the 21st century and giving us lowly teachers computer access.


Anonymous said...

It seems your Principal just wants to make you happy. I bet he is scared of you. Must be that story of biting the girl on Fordham Road. -ES

Anonymous said...

If Hula is moved to make improvements based on your blog--then good for you and your teachers.

Congrats on finally getting computers teachers can use. Now if you can get at least one computer and printer in most of the classroom, that would be good too. My school had at least 2 computers and a printer plus a computer lab teachers also used.


Pissedoffteacher said...

I don't think he is scared of anything, not even me. I think we just lucked out and got a principal who is a human being.

I never thought I would be able to say those three words in the same sentence.