Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pissed Off Post

I hate friggin' everybody in school today.

I hate the calculus kids who didn't know they had homework. I especially hate the kid who says I scare the crap out of him and then does whatever he wants to do. He's the one that wants me to get a job at Psyops.

I hate my geometry classes. They don't shut up for five minutes. No wonder they don't understand anything.

I hate Rosie. She goes to all her classes now but does very little work.

I hate the goals I am supposed to write. Even if I write them, how can I possibly enforce them.

I hate the guidance counselors. I hate the one that programmed a senior for geometry and wants to leave him in this class even though he has no shot of passing. I hate the one that was told put the kid in the wrong class and was too afraid to open her mouth and do something about correcting the problem. I hate the bobble-head counselor who had the nerve to ask me to tutor one of his students on my prep period because the mom requested me. I hate the counselor who buys into the kids sad sack stories. I hate the counselor who was supposed to find a geometry tutor for a student and handled the problem by leaving me a note to find a tutor.

I hate the whole concept of goal writing. I hate it so much that I won't do write them. I hate them so much that this is the second time I am mentioning them. I hate the teacher that told me I should because she didn't want me to get in trouble. I hate her timidity. I hate the jelly legs that are afraid of their own shadows. I hate her worrying about me getting in trouble. I don't care. Bring the file letter on!

And most of all, I hate commenters like the Michelle Rhee impersonator (I am sure she would say these things if she commented here). I have a guess about your real identity, but I will keep it to myself. I am so sick of their teacher bashing and their blaming teachers for all the ills of education today. I'm sick of them telling me to make this work relevant. They are the ones providing the curriculum, not me.

OK, so I am having a bad day. I just went for a walk to Carvel and the friggin' Carvel is still closed. I couldn't even get ice cream to cheer me up. Maybe tomorrow will be better but right now I am glad that I have the option of never going back. I know I will only be missed until they find a nice young teenie bopper to take my place.


mathematicamama said...

I hear you. I (think I) feel the same way. I know that doesn't help.
Is there even one in 150(?) that you can think of that appreciate you? These are my hopes and futures, even if the future is one day at a time. This, and the beauty of geometry. I realize this makes me sound like PollyAnna on drugs, but it gets me through the day.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I have lots of good kids that appreciate me. I'm just in a bitchy mood and when I get like this everything ticks me off.

Kim Hughey said...

I HATE days like the one you had today! I think it calls for something a little stronger than Carvel ice cream if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

ES would like to buy you a virtual drink and talk about it.

Muriel said...

"I'm sick of them telling me to make this work relevant. They are the ones providing the curriculum, not me."
You just hit the nail on the head, PO'd. I'm sick of being told that now I have to align IEP goals with career goals. How is my student Alison, who just can't do factoring no matter how many times I teach, reteach,and review it, going to use algebra in her life? The answer is NEVER. I should be teaching her how to determine what the bestbuy is, how percents and discounts work, and why credit cards are a financial trap. I am teaching kids who have trouble with tasks with more than 2 steps algebra. Talk about irrelevant!! You, however, are still very relevant so keep that in mind!!

Pissedoffteacher said...

Mrs H you are so right and if I didn't have papers to mark and tests to write I would be doing that now.

Unfortunately, as much as I like to drink, I a cheap date and one drink does me in. The drinking will have to wait for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

found this and thought of you...

if I didn't have so much paperwork to get done, I would respond to some stuff... I am overwhelmed right now. -ES

Anonymous said...

Are all teachers great? In others words, are all teachers created equal?

What makes them different? What makes one better then another?

Questions... Questions...

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'm certainly as far from a great one as you can get. Besides, who can determine what great is?

Michelle Rhee will probably be after me next.

All humans are different, and better is in the eyes of the viewer.

Some of us are people only our mothers can love.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about P.O.
I would love for you to come to Washington D.C. and be part of my team! I am sure that you are worthy of Merit pay. If you ever want to leave that overcrowded H.S., we have room for you here. I would love it if you would even join me and President Obama for lunch and talk education!

Michelle Rhee

Miss Eyre said...

Hugs for Mrs. PO'd. I think we all have days like this from time to time.

17 (really 15) more years said...

PO'd my friend- I am in precisely the same frame of mind as you are. I can't even blog about it because it would be ugly. I am totally on the s**t list at work right now because I have a big mouth, and I pretty much hate all my co-workers.

If I were in your shoes, I would retire in a heartbeat.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'm not really that bad--I don't think I am on s list yet. I'm just very pod today. By tomorrow, I will be fine.

ChiTown Girl said...

This is so strange to me, because I had a shit day today myself. I left school sooo pissed off, I wanted to slug someone! I don't even want to start with the details, cuz it'll piss me off all over again. But, then I got a little surprise today that turned my day around. Come over and find out what it was.... ;-)

(I hope we both have better days tomorrow, although I doubt I will - it's Parent/Teacher conference day for us!)

Mrs. T said...

Great post! I feel much the same about my school, my students, my colleagues! We don't have goal writing, we have "initiatives" - more specifically, literacy initiatives, and now we are moving into numeracy, where we have to bring math into the other subject areas, which is not a problem. The problem is filling out paperwork to "prove" that I did it.!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I don't want to steal your thunder, but can I temporarily borrow your moniker? Because, I too, am urine-yellow with annoyance.

I am pissed at the kid and her mother to whom I have expressed my concern regarding the ever dwindling chances of passing who is screaming to the principal even th' she has not come for tutoring after school EVEN ONCE. Tchah!

I am pissed at the counselor who just told me she didn't have time to deal with a kid who expressed a wish to harm himself or his family. Pbbttthhh.

I am pissed at my redneck department chair who continually dumps on me because, I think, I have breasts and a brain, and this scares him. #@$!!!

Pissedoffteacher said...

I am more than happy to share with all the POd teachers out there.

It is good to know that I am not alone in my madness.