Friday, October 09, 2009

Welcome, Friend

A good friend of mine is having problems with the administration of her school. You see, her new administrator thinks we are living in the pre-Civil War era and all she has to do is snap her whip and the teacher will say "Yes master, whatever you want I'll do. I will clean your floors with my tongue if it will make you happy. I will arrive before the sun rises and I will stay until the moon is high above. I will skip lunch. I will work weekends and holidays. My only purpose is to obey your will."

This blog has encouraged my friend to write her own. Writing is therapeutic. It has helped me get through some bad times and I know it will do the same for her. Welcome friend, to the blogging world. Go over and say hi, wish her well, she needs the support. Here is a link.

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Chaz said...

Of course we do.