Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Free Rides

Yesterday I caught Bobby copying history homework during math. I took the homework away but promised to return it at the end of the period. I told him that next time he would not get it back and the person who the homework belonged to would be pretty pissed. And, to top it off, he did not have his math homework.

Today, as I walked around checking homework, Bobby had a sudden need to use the bathroom. His friend's swore all sorts of nasty sounds and smells were coming from his body. Bobby tried that old "hide in the bathroom" trick, the one you do when you sneak on the train without a ticket and the conductor is coming around. But, I didn't buy it. I read him the riot act when he came back and then called his mom immediately.

After speaking to her, I am sure Bobby will have his train ticket from now on.

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