Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love Letter

The war be dammed. These are the things that keep me going.

Hi Mrs. POd =) how are you? hows teaching without your period 9 class last year I havent seen you in sooooo long! i suck in math now =( Ms. R goes so fast and i get lost . i hate the math policy it only counts tests and no homework or attendence.. i hope i pass this year its my most important year in high school. Willy has Bussniess math what is that? anyways enough about mee! hows your daughter and son? are you still bossing your husband around miss! im just kidding. Im in photography class right now and im happy i got a 95 on my project . well the bell is going to ring so hope your doing well mrs.pod take care <3

(above photo is a tic tac toe drawn by one of my ninth graders showing multiplication of signed numbers. The rule is you fill a diagonal with pluses and put minuses every where else. Then any row gives you the sign when you multiply. The kids were so proud of being able to teach the teacher a trick.)

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sandi said...

I'm stealing that drawing :)