Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old, But Still Able

I always use EXCEL for my grades. It is so much easier than old fashioned marking books. I just enter the numbers, hit the calculation key and presto, marks are done. This year I didn't even enter names. I just downloaded from ARIS, got rid of the useless information and entered my grades. Nothing could be simpler, or so I thought.

I realized there was a problem when my numbers did not come out the way I knew they should. Even though I am a math teacher, arithmetic is not my strong suit, I certainly know when a sum comes out way to low and that problem was apparent immediately. I checked my formulas and they were correct. I checked to make sure my columns were formatted as numbers, and that seemed correct to. My frustrations were building until I saw the little black mark in the corner of some of my cells and the light went on! These cells were write protected. All I had to do was figure out how to unprotect them and things would be good again. Lucky for me, my husband is really smart and very computer savvy and he solved my problem easily.

Although I didn't arrive at the solution, I still feel good about my efforts. I knew there was a problem, I diagnosed it and researched it and laid the groundwork for the problem solver. My computer skills might be shaky, but they are getting better. I'm not so bad for an old fart.

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mathmom said...

You did great! I use computers all day for my "day job" and I never knew what that little triangle meant!