Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sucker Written Across My Forehead

Dear Mrs. POd,
I am in the process of applying to Macaulay Honors Early Decision (deadline November 1st). I would like to know if you can please write me a recommendation. I am sorry that this is short notice. I am asking you at this moment because I am afraid that the other two teachers I asked will not get it done in time. (I am getting very paranoid!!!!). If there is anything that you need to write me a recommendation, I shall give it to you. If you chose to do it, I will send you an email through the application via my OTHER email address. (The recommendation is done electronically).
Thank you very much

These requests really piss me off, not because I don't want to write the recommendation but because other teachers are too damn lazy to write them. I only know this girl since September and while I can already see that she is pretty terrific, there have got to be teachers who know her longer and who can write better recommendations.

I want to say no, go ask someone else. I am going to strongly suggest that she ask someone else but I know, when it comes close to November 1, I will be writing this letter.


Abstract Randomizer said...

The good news for this girl is that, in about eight weeks, you probably already know her better and can write a more acute observation of her than many other teachers who have longer experience with her but less perception about her.
Who gets to do the work?
Those who can.

mathematicamama said...

In addition to the comment left by Rick:
Those who can, do.
Those who can do more, teach.

Thank you for doing more. I have done those online recommendation forms and they are a bear!