Saturday, October 10, 2009

Face Book

I'm not really into the whole idea of Face Book. If someone is my friend, we can chat and keep in touch lots of ways. We don't need Face Book or My Space or any of these other Internet options that expose our innermost feelings to the world.

Recently, one of my oldest friends convinced me to sign up and try to get back in touch with some of my high school chums. I decided to give it a try, listing only my name (not pissed off, my real name), schools attended and places I have worked. So far, the only person to find me is a cousin.

An acquaintance of mine has quite large group of friends and recently they have been posting about some of their problems at work. (Her page is restricted and not open to the general public.) Well, her boss got wind of the page by eavesdropping on conversations and asked my friend to stop all work related topics. Imagine, a boss who thinks she can control the private airways. She's lucky I'm not one of her employees. She wouldn't like the stuff I would start slinging. My nothing page would be full of something. And, she would be able to do nothing to stop it.


Ricochet said...

I do facebook to keep some idea of what my daughter posts.

I had no sooner joined than an old boy friend found me (more than 30 yrs ago BF) and I was found by a NYC police detective that my girls sent stuff to after 9/11 (he led a BS troop, we were GS and helped us be useful). I have also found quite a few of my husband's cousins after his mother died.

I only post mu problems, complaints, bitches and kvetches under Ricochet - and not even all of them.

I am amazed at what people are willing to post in what is a very public forum.

Schoolgal said...

I am on Facebook and because of there horrible reputation concerning privacy issues, I only post my name. My DoB, schools attended, email, phone and work history are not included. Nor do I join any of their apps. No farms, gifts, silly polls or questions because all of that has a way of getting to advertisers as well as increasing the odds of getting your site hacked into. (Do a google search on Facebook and you will see how people were scammed out of money, or how their pics are used in promotions without their knowledge.)

I also limit my page to family and close friends. I have only one friend from work because like at work, things have a way of becoming public. Facebook and the like is not the best venue for posting complaints and emotions.
Employers do find a way of getting in even if the page is restricted and many people have either been fired or not hired. So yes a boss can do something to stop it.

Your friend took a gamble when she wrote about work. There is nothing private about Facebook.