Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Things Gain Value With Age

Just when I am ready to pack it in, I get one of these. I know everyone is sick of reading them, but I can't resist putting them here. These e-amils keep me going.

Hello Mrs. POd,
How are you? I miss you. I miss your class and your lessons. Seriously, I am so thankful that I was in your class last year cause I learned so much. I just want you to know that I appreciated all your effort for AP Calculus AB. YOU NEED TO KEEP teaching so more high school seniors from Packemin can benefit from your teaching.

Just an update on myself if you are wondering what I am doing currently. I am in Stony Brook and I live on campus. Dorm life is FUN (; and I am living with D. Oh yeah, I just had my first midterm in MAT 126 last week and I got the second highest grade in the class (57/60). Mostly because I still remember the stuff that you taught us. So that was wonderful. Mrs.POd, I will definitely go back to Packemin and visit you. Thanks for everything that you have done for the students and your contribution to Calculus. THANK YOU :D


LSquared32 said...

Nope. Not tired of reading them. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Teachers should not only be evaluated on the number of students passing, but those who have also made great gains even if they didn't make the grade. Growth is way more important than test scores because it proves that students do not learn all the same way at the same time and we need to adjust for that.

You do both. Help kids achieve and make gains. Your AP should choke on these emails you get. I once told you to post them in your room, not for you, but for that idiot.

Abstract Randomizer said...

Hey there!
Keep 'em coming, absolutely! They make us happy and give us perspective when the bureaucracy threatens to overwhelm us.
I just saw a post on my blog from a student from almost ten years ago who made my year by letting me know how I made an impact.
Tears in the eyes of this cynical jerk...

ChiTown Girl said...

Keep 'em coming, for sure!! They are definitely inspiring, and they are surely a testiment to what an incredible teacher you are!