Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Correct Me If I Am Wrong

A point six allowance means that six tenths of the work day is devoted to some compensatory time job. This does not mean six tenths of a twenty four hour day, six tenths of weekends and six tenths of holidays. Or am I missing something?

The question is for a friend whose supervisor seems to believe she should be on call 24/7.


Anonymous said...

.6 is 15 periods per week. Plus 5 periods (they don't go to 6R). Plus 3 periods (lose a prorated share of prep). So .6 is 23 periods, which is a bit more than .6 of the day.

Some comp has associated per session. Should not be for free. Depending on the job, may be expected.


Pissedoffteacher said...

Ok, but weekends and evenings and holidays are still not included, right?

Anonymous said...

If you allow them they will treat you like a fraternity or sorrority pledge and get out the paddle and keep whacking. You just don't make yourself available when you are not in school.

My son is with a law firm and is a sabbath observer. They have gotten the message that if they try to reach him after sundown Friday he will not respond until after sundown Saturday.

If you let supervisors take advantage of you they most certainly will.

Pissedoffteacher said...

That is exactly what I told her and she is taking my advice.