Sunday, October 11, 2009

Feeding My Red Fetish

I hate wasting money but this is one time I could not resist. Pictured above is my new red washing machine. The same one in white would have saved $80 but the smile this one brings to my face makes it worth every penny. The funny part of all this is that my husband does all our laundry and red is not his color.

Now, I just have to hope it gets down the basement steps. My house was built in 1927 and the staircase has a nasty corner to get around.

(We got a great buy in Granado--they beat Sear's price, which was the cheapest, by $70.)


Schoolgal said...

I love it!! I think red is a great color too.

But it my later years I am becoming more of a spender. My new living room furniture was bought at Safavieh, I am having my area rug custom made as well as my window treatment and I am contemplating buying a very expensive handbag. It took me so many years before I thought I was worth it.

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

I have the silver ones and LOVE them. With six people worth of laundry, they were worth every penny. Enjoy the red. I am a little jealous of the color!


real estate agent from Vancouver said...

Hi. The red is not bad color. This story reminds me last month shopping when I was buying some kitchen utensil. I was ready to buy classical white color stuff but my friend persuaded me that white is boring. That is why I decided for black. It is little bit extravagant but I like it now. Red washing machine is great idea!.

Take care,