Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mattress Tester

Every day I discover more and more kids in my classes with IEPs and test modifications that I have not been informed about. Most of these kids have no resource room and thus have no one advocating for them. These kids are being deprived of their rights which is a violation of the law.

I discovered the kids in my classes with special needs. How many other classes are these kids taking where no one is aware of them? We were all given notices with names and test modifications but the lists were extremely lacking. We were led to believe these were the only kids with modifications in our classes. Someone is asleep on the job.


kissmyISS said...

Hope Mr Hula and Mr AP read this one!

burntoutteacher said...

In my school, we are responsible for knowing our kids' IEP's solely through ARIS. We were told to be able to tell, when they come in for an observation, which kids have IEP's and what their needs are, and what we, the non-sped classroom teachers, are doing for them. We never get lists. Of course, we can't access their IEP's on our home computers, only on the school computers, and there is no time and no computers available. In addition, some of us have never been granted access codes to get into the school computers in the first place. But they don't want to hear that, only what we are doing for those kids. We can't win.

Pissedoffteacher said...

It might have been better if we had been left to our own devices to find out--that is what I did. This list is messing kids up.

druin said...

Not sure if this helps, but I am in a midwestern state and I still have not gotten notice on a girl that is on an IEP. The only reason I know she's on one is that I had her last year. Thankfully she doesn't need much in terms of mods, but it's still silly to be 1/4 of the way through the year with no IEP as of yet..