Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Benefit Of Being At A Very Big School

Mrs. White went to see Mr. AP because her daughter was struggling in math. Little White was one of the kids moved (without parental or child consultation) from a four term class to a two term class. Mrs. White wanted Little White moved back. Mr. AP said "No. Just go to tutoring and Little will get the help she needs. What period does Little have lunch?" Little responded, "Period 9." "Oh,", responded Mr. AP, "there is no tutoring period 9. She will have to find help somewhere else. Thank you for coming in."

Mrs. White and Little left, walked the halls and wondered where they would find this extra help they were promised.


Mairin said...

Thanks for this. Little White needs to be in another school where they actually care about her.
Frankly, this sounds undemocratic. How can a child's program be changed without parental permission?
Mr. AP has made a decision about her future that is life altering. I don't think he can legally do that (at least not in a public school).
Thanks for your insights.

Pissedoffteacher said...

He has done it,many times.