Monday, October 05, 2009


Since when is failing one test enough of an assessment to change a child's entire program and track the rest of his high school career? I got a new student today who told me that is exactly what happened to him. I'm giving a test tomorrow,and, if he does well, I am going to make some noise, some really loud noise.


lgm said...

That's how it's done in my district. The test is the CogAt - unreliable for gifted by the way. If you score in stanine 7, you will not be admitted to 7th grade pre-algebra or accel science no matter what your grades, state test scores, or accomplishments say about your math abilitiy.

lgm said...

also to add: the contract for being in 7th grade pre-algebra is that all test scores are above an 85 with no re-takes. If not, you are dropped from the class never to return..unless of course you have a parent that is connected correctly.

mathman42 said...

Above relate to middle school. Aren't you in HS ?

They want differentiated assessment so give child a test that is legitimate and one they are most likely to do well on.