Friday, October 16, 2009

Educational Executioner

I miss my team teaching class and my team teaching partner. We were so good together. We planned on taking the four term algebra class and making them a two term class. We knew, working together, we could do it successfully. The kids in that class had their second test this week. She told me they are all doing great and the plan would have worked, and then ...(you'll have to click here and have access to read the rest.)

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Some of these kids could be candidates for an advanced regents diploma but tracking their math classes this way will probably eliminate this possibility.

Even if by some miracle, I could get that class back, it would be too late. The kids in the class I picked up have also been jerked around and it would be cruel to change teachers on them again.

Bloomberg calls himself the educational mayor. I say he is the education executioner. Our school is too big. Kids are not being put in classes correctly and there aren't enough of the correct classes to go around. Every day more and more kids are having their educational options cut short because of the ills this man has foisted on public education. He talks about accountability. Well, he should be accountable for the things Packemin HS students and students around the city are being forced to endure. Things might not have been great when Thompson was head of the BOE, but they were never as bad as they are today.

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