Monday, October 05, 2009

Ask For Yourself

As we were leaving an exhilarating faculty conference, a teacher in my department stopped me and said "Can you ask Principal Hula for **** in the ****?" I just looked at her and said, "You want it, you ask for it." I never **** in that ****. She said she didn't want to ask. To which I replied, "I guess you have no shot of getting it then." The timidity of some people is scary. Since when have I become the mouth of the school?

(Sorry for the **** but since Hula reads this blog I refuse to help out by mentioning what the request was for.)


Anonymous said...

My x-rated mind is working overtime.


Anonymous said...

While I am hoping this request had nothing to do with any violations of her contractual rights that would have been better handled through the union rep, I thought about this post some more.

IMO if I were an admin and someone other than the teacher involved approached me, I would have little respect for that teacher. Adults should be able to speak for themselves. And if they won't stand up for themselves and make others do it for them, don't expect them to stand in solidartiy and support others if they needed it. Very selfish.

Anonymous said...

it was definitely for toilet paper in a bathroom

Pissedoffteacher said...

not toilet paper, but you are closer than you think.

12 more years said...

I'm thinking coffee in the faculty lounge, or soap, or perhaps paper towel or toilet seat covers. Somebody who can't ask the principal for that is pretty pathetic.

We have a student in one of our CTT classes that is clearly so high functioning, it is simply unfair for her to be in that class. I want her moved to an accelerated class, as does a colleague. She said to me, "you're the mouth around here, you can get things done, talk to them". At least that's a battle worth fighting.