Saturday, October 03, 2009

Don't Call Me

Don't call me when your daughter needs help with her math homework and don't call my husband or son when your computer is down.

I was always there for you. When you had no family, I shared mine. When no one was around to drive you to a doctor, I drove you. I let you cry on my shoulder when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

I needed to borrow something, something that you do not legally own, something that you were not using, something that would have helped me immensely and you said no. You knew I was upset but you needed to guard what you perceive to be your personal property.

We are done! I'll be polite when our paths cross, but that is all you will get from me ever again. I know I should be forgiving but I am not that big a person. I hope that thing that you could not part with for a few days can do the same things for you that our friendship did.

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