Monday, December 28, 2009

Larry Stood A Better Chance Than She Did

My ATR buddy recently had a job interview. The AP called her and told her to prepare a demonstration lesson for a class of level 2 - level 3 students. He greeted her at the door with the words "Ninety percent of all ATRs are unsatisfactory. You weren't rated that way and that is why I am interviewing you." What he did not tell my friend was that the kids were mostly ESL students and had a difficult time understanding English.

My friend prepared a generic lesson, something that she had used before and always went over well with students. Teachers of the same subject area in my school told her it was a good choice as kids love this lesson. Mr. Interviewing AP did not agree. He told my friend the lesson was boring and over the heads of the students. He complained because she did not differentiate the lesson even though she was meeting these kids for the first time that day.

The kids in that particular class had not had a teacher for over three weeks. They were used to doing nothing and were not interested in giving a new person a chance. Mr. Interviewing AP held this against her and did not even bother calling to tell her she did not get the job.


Anonymous said...

ATRs do not have a chance in hell to be hired. Your friend should see her union district rep and tell him/her the incident. Hopefully, if it's a strong union DR, s/he'll go to the principal and ask that the Interviewing AP do model a lesson, which is expected of all administrators. Another suggestion is to have this incident noted in the union's newspaper highlighting the unfair practice of these administrators who use underhanded approach to not hiring an ATR.

Besides the union newspaper, maybe your friend should write a letter to the various newspapers telling them her/his experience of Mr. Interviewing AP.

It's time to expose the game of these administrators.

ChiTown Girl said...

Mr. Interviewing AP is an assbag!

Anonymous said...

Most ATR's are teachers whose schools closed down. In the olden days, they would have been placed somewhere-in the olden days schools would not have closed. Maybe, they would have had a name change. I was in a school like that once. Remarkedably, the school did not really change even though the name did. Shocker!