Sunday, December 06, 2009

Take A Good Look

Take a good look at this face. This is what could happens when there is no health care available. This is what happens when you have lung cancer that grows years without being diagnosed and without being treated.

Take a good look at these two faces. These are the two young children that will grow up without their loving grandfather, the man who adores them and they adore. This is what happens when you have no health coverage and and your undiagnosed lung cancer spreads to both of your lungs.

Take a good look at me hugging this man I love good bye. It might be the last time we see each other.

Take a good look at the handshake of these two men, the 85 year old who made the difficult trip to say good bye to the son-in-law he loves.

Take a look at this face. This is the face of the woman who loves the man who is dying. She thinks no one should be forced to pay for coverage they can't afford. She still doesn't understand that universal health care might have kept him with her longer.

Take a good look at the two of them. They love each other so much and their time together is so limited. She still is against universal America, look at the cost you are paying when you do not have health care. Is the money you are saving worth what you are losing by not having coverage?


Jose Vilson said...

This is truly a sad story. Even with my coverage, I can only think of those who aren't even fortunate enough to have the coverage necessary to look after themselves and their families. But war is more important, so I guess that wins :-(.

Ms. George said...

A very humbling moment. Thanks for sharing this, although I know that the people who need to see it, won't.

Schoolgal said...

So sorry. What a heartbreaking visit, and I imagine a difficult one for you and your father.

So what is your sister's alternative recommendation to the health care crisis??

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm so sorry that you and your family are going through this horror. I'm glad, though, that you and your dad were at least able to make the trip to say your good-byes. So sad.

NYC Educator said...

It is remarkable how brainwashed the American people are. When I was in East Germany in 1984, they sold Pravda on every corner, but the people had the good sense not to buy it.

Here they drink the poison spewed by Fox News like it's Coca Cola.

Pissedoffteacher said...

My sister had no answer except that she can't afford health insurance and should not be forced to get it. Unfortunately, she doesn't get it or anything else and now is not the time to make her feel bad about it so I am droppping the conversation.

Anonymous said...

I too watched my mother die from lung cancer. In her final moments she longed to be with her one true love. In her final moments I visited a 5'7" woman who now weighed 70 pounds, no hair from chemo with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Sorry you went through this torture with someone you loved. Prayers go out to the whole family.