Monday, December 21, 2009

And While I Am On The Topic

Just in, from the latest memo:

We discussed the importance of sharing of effective practices. If you want, I will be more than happy to inform you which math teacher is best at classroom management, running student-centered lessons (teacher being the facilitator instead of information provider), etc.

I wonder if I will be mentioned as the teacher who is best at keeping the department statistics low.


S. Rich said...

Ugh. No, no, no... That just feels awful creepy.

Miss Eyre said...

Ouch. Not a good way to build constructive, collegial collaboration.

Schoolgal said...

This should top the Stupidest Memo of the Year award. Talk about pitting teacher against teacher. And doesn't Hula get copies of all these memos because if he is a true professional, his head should be hitting the roof and he should demand AP's head on a platter!!!

I was a teacher who used both methods. Being a facilitator doesn't work with all lessons and with all students. Math is one subject that first has to be taught and explained before you can do small-group problem solving. Kids need their notes to fall back on. I took many math workshops, and the one thing I learned is that math notes are important. It's like a rewind on a video a child can use to solve equations and word problems.

Sounds like he wants the dog and pony show instead of the meat and potatoes.

mathman42 said...

I gave a differentiated test where it was open book ( notes, not text )and the students had choice of problems to do and it was curved as well. A few did better, most the same. One or two worse. Don't despair; I passed 50 % of my students for MP2 and that didn't include the non-attendees. Finally got a few taken out of the class.