Tuesday, December 08, 2009


It used to be an embarrassment to get a fee waiver or free lunch. Now, it is a sign of pride.

I handed out fee waiver forms in my AP class and the only ones who looked embarrassed were the kids who didn't get them.

Boy, now I understand why my dad has trouble adjusting to the new world.

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Schoolgal said...

Most of my kids were free lunch, so they grew up with it. And the more free lunch kids we had in our school, the more federal aid we received, so it was a blessing to have a supply closest filled and new texts.

However, due to the economy, I bet kids who never qualified now do. My niece tried to get food stamps and was told she made too much money. Her husband is disabled and
her salary doesn't cover the bills.
Her medical plan does not cover her son's doctors. I can only hope my niece and nephew qualify for free lunch.