Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Latest Memo

Of course Mr. AP's the memo berates us again, it always does. Everything is our fault. After all, we are the best high school in the city so if the kids are messing up, it must be our fault. We have to learn to work smarter, not harder, if we want to succeed.

The memo ends on a high note, inviting us all to have Chinese food with him next Tuesday. Even before I read the memo, I voted to pass on these edibles. I don't eat meat and the meat and the non meat dishes always get mixed together. The office is cramped and the kids who work their butts off all semester helping the teachers who hang around there are banished from the room.

Last year I lucked out and was out the day of the party. This year I am just going to say no thanks. I'll stick to whatever leftovers were at home at eat in the cafeteria.


Ricochet said...

Our Hulk is sneakier: the food is prepared by the kids and served by the kids (so you feel obligated to go) - and there is a mandatory meeting first.

Schoolgal said...

Mr. AP never took a Communication course. When I took admin courses, one of the requirements was writing memos and letters as well as making a presentation. Our instructor, a superintendent, told us that if we didn't use a positive tone, we would not be good administrators. Unfortunately, the bulk of the class were people teaching in Long Island and wanted position on the Island. Obviously the Leadership Academy and NYC schools did not offer this course, or offered another course called "Intimidation". We were also required to read the works of Michael Fullan so we would understand the change process. I bet Mr. AP tossed that book out the window.