Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Any Doll Can Do A Job Like This (If Doing It Well Doesn't Count)

The IEPs say 1.5x for exams (except for the ones that also say 2x for exams). I assumed this meant for quizzes as well. I learned that is not the case when I gave a quiz to a resource room teacher so the child could finish it tomorrow.

The law is being followed if a child has an IEP. Too bad there is nothing in the law about making the IEP accurate or explaining what things mean to the teacher who has never read one before.

They want us to read these things. They should make them meaningful.


Anonymous said...

YOU were supposed to be in the meeting when the Educational evaluator/IEP teacher, psychologist, etc were writing the IEP. What happened?

Pissedoffteacher said...

No I wasn't. I wasn't even this child's teacher when the IEP was written. Besides, not every main stream teacher attends the meetings. What school do you work in? It certainly is not a NYC high school.