Saturday, December 12, 2009

Help Needed

I just checked the report cards of every student in my algebra class. I'm supposed to check the data, right? I found out that every one who failed my class failed at least one other class and most failed between three classes and all their classes.

Now that I know all this, I still am at a loss as to how to help these kids.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Ricochet said...

Thank you!! Son wanted one but the website he had was already sold out!!! He will be so surprised! (yes, I ordered it before I wrote my note vbg)

mathman42 said...

when you are the only failure, that is the time to be concerned as maybe you are missing something on that student. But of course Math is the bugaboo for many fairly capable students.

Usually have similar results. Try to bring in a senior who has turned themselves around or now maybe even a College Frosh or Sophmore alum . Let them ask anything. ( Just tell the speaker in advance not to answer certain questions )

lgm said...

Do you have any repeaters that have decided to do the work this year? Sometimes it helps the capable freshman on the fence to find out from the repeater that they'll be back next year for another go-round in double period Algebra if they don't put the effort in this year.

Pissedoffteacher said...

All of mine are ninth graders--new to the school. Some are working but that doens't mean they are capable of learning the work. A third grader can't do hs work, at least not yet.