Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Driven To Drink

Today was the worst day ever with my algebra class. If the school wants to U rate me, that class will give them all the ammunition they need and I say, go for it!

I have tried talking to these kids individually, I've called parents, I've written letters home, nothing works for any length of time. I've tried having my AP calculus kids work with them. That too, only worked for a limited time.

Today, I gave up. I let them win. I can't fight them any more. There are so many of them and only one of me. Failure, especially in math, is something they are accustomed to, something they expect. I don't know how to reach them.

They aren't bad kids, they aren't criminal types or even overly disrespectful. They just prefer socialization to mathematics. I would love to get my AP's assistance with that class but he will just turn things around and blame me. I've done that route before and refuse to do it again. I've spoken to the principal about this class. I know he reads this blog and I am hoping he has a chance to help before its too late to save most of them.

I came home and had a visit with one of my new best friends (pictured above). 43 is a nice, vanilla liquor, extra soothing on a day like today.


Ricochet said...

You know I have a co-teacher, but not in my Algebra 1 class. I do not remember seeing you there, but you are obviously describing my Algebra 1 class, so you must be in the room with me.

I was given some advice today. I hold no real hopes that it will work, but am going to try it tomorrow. I do not have an electronic version but will type it up and email it.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Can I buy "43" with Teachers' Choice?

Kim Hughey said...

I am so feeling your pain right now. I had a terrible day. I have worked for three weeks with my algebra I kids on writing equations of lines. I knew they would ace their test today. . . WRONG! I'm so disappointed and not sure what I'm doing wrong. In my math models classes, only about half the students are working, the rest have given up. I think they know the handwriting is on the wall as far as their grade and have quit caring and trying.

mathman42 said...

Why are we all teaching the same class ? We should write collaborative lessons. When are we meeting ?

Gun Hill Diner, name the evening and time.

Anonymous said...

maybe a few beers with some friends would be better.....

mathematicamama said...

Can I get the same advice from Ricochet? At this point anything would be great.

Mr.Jones at WiggsMS said...

Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you.
Divide and conquer.
Always hold a grudge against ignorance, especially chosen ignorance.
The Ignorant are like the Borg. They are everywhere and it will take all of us to defeat them.

The reading for today is about being aggressive about what you seek.
Today enjoy your new friend. Maybe you two could plan a strategy or a series of strategies?