Monday, December 14, 2009

Where Is Mayor Moneybags Now?

The MTA is making deep cuts into our transportation system. Services will be severely curtailed. Even access-a-ride which services the handicapped will be cut. School kids will no longer get the passes they need to get to school.

One of Mayor Moneybags campaign promises was to improve public transportation in the city. Funny, I didn't see him on the news tonight when this story aired. Is it possible that he has forgotten his promise now that he has been elected for his third term? Will the people of NYC forget this and vote him in for a fourth term? Will they resign themselves to clicking their heals together and hope that by wishing they will get to their desired location?


reality-based educator said...

How about Paterson criticizing the MTA's cutting free Metro cards for school kids yesterday while he cut the state subsidy to the MTA that helps pay for the cards last month. What a hypocrite.

And yes, you are right - no Moneybags yesterday to denounce the MTA announcement. But then again, the city has also cut the subsidy to the MTA that helps pay for the free Metro cards for students.

And of course all these cuts by the city, the state and the MTA come because times are tough. But they never put the money back when times are flush. Instead they cut tax for millionaires and billionaires.

Mr. Talk said...

Apparently, at this moment, he is in Copenhagen. He seems to be having no difficulty getting around, so what is there to worry about?

Pogue said...

Since the "small high school" plan, where kids travel all over the city to a "special" high school is failing, my feeling has become, that they are now trying to destroy neighborhood public high schools so they can open up neighborhood charter schools.

And, to think, our union was silent during the election.