Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Latest E-mail

Just when I think I have had enough, I get a letter like this one:

Mrs. POd
I just want to say that your kind words really made me think twice about math. So far in my life when math was taught to me, i got the "Why" and "How" of it. I just can't memorize a technique without first understanding the why and how. When I had physics, I found it hard because Mr. P treated us like college kids. Yes, it was hard and i didn't like it, but sometime in may and june i was extremely grateful to him. Even though i did not get a 99 in that class (i didn't do too bad-85), I learned lessons that will last a lifetime. Mrs. POd, you are the only one who understands that grades do not necessarily show off how smart someone is. You are right, after a test i understand the material better sometimes. I will study over the break and then I will come to you 5th pd after the break for some help. Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and happy and healthy New Year. by the way, my aunt left yerterday for Jamaica so you probably will not meet LOL.

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