Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Became A Witch Today

After yesterday's wonderful 9th period class, I decided I better do something and do something fast. I called the parents of the kids I had hopes for. I explained the class was difficult and while their child was not even close to being the most difficult, their child was joining in and the activity was affecting their grades. The parents were wonderful and promised to help.

When the kids came in today I was Cruella De Vil. I separated every friend. I refused to give out the bathroom pass. As soon as one of them opened a mouth, I roared. I scared the good kids and some of the wilder ones too. I actually managed to teach for 45 minutes. The core group that refuses to work, still refused to work but at least they were quiet. One kid asked if the class could use today's notes on tomorrow's exam. I loudly answered "YES", hoping that would get the others to start working. Alas, even that did not work.

I hate teaching in this kind of environment and I have my doubts about the silence continuing. I'll do what I have to do, go one day at a time and enjoy the quiet while it lasts.


mathman42 said...

Much too familiar to even comment upon right now. But you have much better cooperation from parents than I do.

Anonymous said...

I find that crucifiction worked for the Romans so I take a leaf out of their book.

The Bolshie Teacher said...

When I hear that this is going on in so many places, including my own, I wonder what will happen with education. How many people want to work in these conditions?