Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stormy Roads Ahead

George has had some major issues but the guidance counselor and his mom are working to get him back to class. I got a note from the GC yesterday saying that all plans to get George back in class are on hold until after the break.

I asked the GC what plans are in effect to teach George all the math he missed from September until then. She told me I am the teacher, I should figure it out.

Sorry, GC, I can't do that. There is no way for me to catch George up on 4 months worth of material. I am dreading George's return to class. On the rare days he did attend, he sat like a log, hoeplessly lost, mostly due to his lack of attendance. Now, there is no hope and I worry about the heavy storm he will add to this already difficult class.


Anonymous said...

what a suprise!! We have to go back to the requirement of haveing the GC teacch for at least two years before getting certified! They know nothing about the classroom!

ChiTown Girl said...

Seriously?! GC thinks you can catch him up on ALL he's missed just like that?! Idiot!