Monday, July 06, 2009

Times Square At Night

Great show--the reason we were on Broadway last night. (The AAA had a coupon for discount tickets. The Marquis is a great theater--easy to see from everywhere so we did not even buy the most expensive seats. We were able to move down as the theater was empty last night.)

It is so good to see the city alive with tourists. We met a couple in the theater from Oklahoma who told us there were more people in Times Square than in their state altogether. Like the crowds are hard for them, the emptiness would be hard for me.

You can see the New Year's ball in the background.

Behind the cab are the glass steps and the beach chair area. So many of the chairs are missing. It is a sad to see something this wonderful disappearing.

Virgin Records still has a sign lit up but they are out of business. Downloads did them in

(All shot with my new Nikon D90--and if I ever learn how to use it, the pictures will be great.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! I have a new-ish camera too, which I just used in the city last week. The photos are great! But...I have no clue what all of the settings are for or how to use them...