Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Brooklyn Bridge

It used to be that the biggest con game around was when someone tried to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. That game is being replaced by an even bigger one: Bloomberg's claim that he has improved the quality of education in NYC and the UFT's claim that it works for the teachers it represents.

I fulfilled a summer goal today by walking over (not buying) the real Brooklyn Bridge. I wish the pictures were in better order but I haven't mastered the art of easily moving them around yet, so this will have to do. I also wish I had used my new camera but once again, I was afraid to take it out in the rain.

View from the Brooklyn side.

Manhattan skyline from the bridge.

Water tower in Manhattan, from bridge.

These enterprising young people were selling cold drinks.

View of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan Bridge in the background.

Lots of people had the same idea I did and walked today.

(Cars below the pedestrian level)

Below the bridge (Manhattan side)

Underside of the bridge

Street view--Manhattan side

More great NYC pictures coming this weekend.

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