Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Office Furniture

My mother-in-law taught me all I ever needed to know about beach chairs. My parents were never big beach goers so I had to rely on her. All her years in a Rockaway bungalow made her an expert.

First thing is never buy a beach chair without screws. This way, when the web breaks, it can be easily replaced. Next, she taught me how to replace the webbing. She showed me how the webbing from a broken chair can be recycled to one with a good frame. She taught me how to prowl the beach blocks looking for discarded chairs that could be used. She never worried about matching colors.

My mother-in-law would be so proud of me. It is not easy to find webbing anymore, but I found this other stuff that works almost as well. My chair has strips of 5 different colors, only a few of which are ripping at the moment.

My kids hate this chair. They called me trailer trash for using it, long before I was called trailer trash because of my classroom. They've offered to replace it many times. My husband even bought me a new one that I have yet to use.
My frugal upbringing will never leave me and I will never get rid of my chair. This is our 28th summer together.


Anonymous said...

I think it has personality. I would much rather use something I tend to myself than something someone bought.

NYC Educator said...

Now that's what needs to be outside the trailers, along with a big old dog and a car rusting on cinder blocks. You should write the mayor.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I should have written him yesterday. He's no longer in charge!

Anonymous said...

Your kids should have written to Oprah. Then the ever-so-adorable Nate could come to the rescue.


Chaz said...

I spent my childhood summers on the Jersey Shore and my mother sounds like your mother-in-law. She used to walk the beach at 7pm and find her treasure of gold. Broken beach chairs, umbrellas, discarded towels & blankets, and an occasional radio She fixed them up and sold them to daytrippers who forgot one of the items for their trip to the beach.

She made enough money by the end of the summer to buy an appliance or color television for the apartment every fall.

Anonymous said...

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Madison seating said...

First thing is never buy a beach chair without screws. This way, when the web breaks, it can be easily replaced.