Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Call Me Chicken

I know the kids got their AP scores. I've heard from quite a few of them--mostly 5's and a few 4's. But, those kids share readily. I'm starting to obsess over the others. The school probably has the results but I don't have the courage to ask after my wonderful geometry results. I guess I will have to wait until September.


NYC Educator said...

Personally, I'd be scared to call you chicken. And I wouldn't worry about facing anyone, as they're likely to feel the same way.

Anonymous said...


You did your best. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Dr Pezz said...

My wife is nervous about her students' scores, too. But, you did your best and so did they.

Go have some fun!

teachin' said...

Rumor is my kids' state test scores will be available soon - no one has them yet, not even families, but one of my friends found that her scores had been updated but she couldn't access them yet. I just checked and nothing so far, but I'm super nervous.

I'm sure your kids did great. You're clearly a kick ass teacher.