Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another NYC Freebie

Finally got to see the other exhibit at FIT and then walked down to Bowling Green to see this exhibit at the National Museum of the American on tradition change and celebration in native women's dresses. The building alone was worth the walk.

Warriors did not brag. The women dressed in finery to brag for them. The more beads, shells, and animal teeth, the better the warrior.
There were many restrictions on celebrations. The fourth of July was a permitted holiday and patriotism was shown through clothing.

Leggings--no decoration on tops as they wore out too quickly.

Blanket--part of wedding dress.

Wedding dress

These were done with no written patterns. The math teacher in me loved te symmetry in the designs. I can't even imagine the patience and skill it took to do this amount of beading.

Babies were kept in these until they were one year old.


Shireen Dadmehr said...

I was in NYC part of this past week, and because of your blog entries, I went to the FIT (upstairs and down) museum and on the FREE SI Ferry. So, thank you for the tips; my friend and I had a good time walking our feet to nubs.

Ms. Cookie

Pissedoffteacher said...

glad to help. i always walk my feet off in the city. it is the only way to see it. we've been doing the same thing in zurich