Thursday, July 30, 2009

The P Is Not Silent

(sorry for the little picture but I had to crop off all identifying marks)

I'm not usually a celebrity whore but today I met one who could turn me into one. He is, the one and only The P is Silent and his lovely wife, Mrs. Not Silent.

Mr. and Mrs. Not Silent live in Calgary and drove up to Banff to have dinner and beers with POd and Mr. POd. We had a wonderful Italian dinner in a little place where Mrs. Not Silent found her G-d son running. (A pleasant surprise for her.) We chatted on and on for hours and then adjourned to a nearby pub for some more beers and conversation. What was nice is that all four of us were extremely compatable. Son of Not Silent worried that his parents were meeting a serial killer as he has been warned for years about not meeting up with internet contacts. Mr. Not Silent, like yours truly likes to regularly send letters to the editors of the local newspapers and loves to bitch about the stupidity of the school systems.

Too bad Calgary and NYC are so far apart. This blogger and his wife are definitely people I would love to spend more time with. It is amazing how blogging has gotten me in touch with someone who thinks so similarly to me.


Rachel Grynberg said...

Could you read my latest blog posting and tell me what you think? I'm at wit's end.

Abstract Randomizer said...

I'm so sorry it took so long for me to respond to this.
Yay! Feelings are entirely mutual, trust me.
Ahhhh...NYC is only a mouseclick away, in cyberspace.
Cheers again and I look forward to the next chance we get to click glasses.
Yours truly.