Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Gift Of Time

All pictures from Basel

Old City Gate The math teacher in me made me take the next two pictures.

We went to Basel to see the only Jewish Museum in Switzerland. It isn't much of a museum but I have to see my heritage wherever I go.


Train Station

Bridge over Rhine River
Munster Church
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Ceiling of Munster church--I was so proud of figuring out how to take this using the "live view" on my camera.

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Of course, the bank--only one of about a zillion.

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Relaxing by the Rhine.

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View of city by Rhine.

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Tara was celebrating her 58th birthday with her son. She took him out to eat and she took him shopping. At the end of the day she asked, "Where is my gift? All I did was spend money on you today?" Her son, a young adult of 25 look at her and said, "Mom, I gave you the gift of time." Tara was not happy. She had a wonderful day with her son but she wanted something material to show for it.

Tara and I are very different. There is no gift anyone can give me that is better than spending time with my children. Although I had a wonderful time in Switzerland, the best part of the trip was that I spent a week with my wonderful daughter who has grown up to be an extra special adult. Seeing the sights with her, watching her navigate the maps so we could explore the cities on our own, pick up German expressions and relax with a beer or a shared snack was something I will never forget. And, although my husband (her dad) is jealous, we will do this trip thing again. (Our first mother-daughter trip was to Spain when she graduated college.)

I'm glad that I can afford to travel with my daughter, but even if we stayed home and went to some free museums or roamed the streets of Manhattan or the streets in the city where she resides, I would be happy.

No trip or gift is better than the gift of time.

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