Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Student's Perception Of Math B

(Please click on each picture to read. It is worth the time.)
The teacher of the young man that wrote this answer was agonizing over this and this boy's other answers. You see, this young man did not want to take math B, but was forced to. During the term, he either did exceptionally well or was clueless, depending upon his level of interest at the moment.

The teacher agonized because he worried about his statistics. He knew this boy would bring them down.

I hate to write this, but I really think Suit made the right decision when he forced this boy to take the course. Although he might not have learned all the teacher wanted him to, he had to pick up quite a bit of material. The prose in this essay is a testament to the child's intelligence. Too many kids go into college totally unprepared for the math they will have to take. No matter how little this boy did, he did something and he learned something. He was exposed to the material and because of this he do better later on.

I don't remember a time in the past when teachers worried more about statistics than education. When will we wake up and see that school is so much more than numbers?

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