Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barf Bags For Bloomberg

Phony ads on Face Book--I read about them here.


Anonymous said...

you know... I can understand your disdain for Bloomberg & Klein. I don't share the same sentiment but I can understand it. I remember during both Bush campaigns I would be flabbergasted when someone would tell me that they were going to vote for Bush. We would engage in debate regarding the election, etc. I at times wanted to smack people upside the head. But of course, being the adults and civilized people that we are, we learn that people think differently and come to their own conclusions ( or at least we hope they do.)

So... I am all for Mayoral Control and all for making sure this Mayor gets reelected. I believe that once the idea of Mayoral Control was being floated, mayoral terms would be 3 terms to coincide with the cohort of students that would travel through the educational system from 1-12. With that said, I don't agree with home this mayor went about getting the third term. And when people bring that up... there really is no defending it.

So here's my thought on Mayoral Control. Forget that Bloomberg & Klein are there. I know, I know... that is what you are stuck on.

But Mayoral control is not about the people but the idea of one person being accountable for the NYC school system. Maybe you say that is too much power for one person to have for something so delicate and important. My point is that is exactly why that can't be shared. Do you remember the revolving door of chancellors? Do you remember that with every new chancellor came a whole new set of initiatives. In each Boro there was nothing but politic games being played using our children as pawns.

See the degradation of NYC schools started a long time ago. End of the 60s going into the 70s you saw the start of schools deteriorating. Somewhere in there, you had a chancellor decide that vocational education was useless and had millions of dollars of shops ripped out of schools. And with each new chancellor came something new. The people of the city had no one to blame. They only person held accountable was the chancellor who had no real power and a group of people called the Board who played politics pushing their own agenda and when things could funky they would fire the chancellor as that would like they did something.

So the system of the Board of Education is what destroyed NYC schools. In turn destroyed communities all over this great city millions of kids didn't received the education they are entitled to.

You want to go for THIS Mayor's head. Ok. You want to end Mayoral Control... be careful what you wish for. The city has you know it would go back to the ages where you didn't dare walk in Times Squares with your nice new camera taking pictures. Remember those days P.O.

Pissedoffteacher said...

If I remember correctly, it was Guiliani who cleaned up Times Square, not Bloomberg.

Under Bloomberg I have seen bright kids not getting the education they should be getting. Classes are watered down because teachers have so much pressure on them to get good stats that the brighter kids are being left out. I know, I teach those kids and what they come into class lacking is pathetic. (They aren't lacking because of ability either.)

As for one person being in control, it should be a person that at least knows something aout education, which Bloomberg and Kelin do not.

endmayoralcontrol said...

My children went to NYC schools in the 80's and 90's and the education they received then is much better than what kids are receiving now. It isn't all Bloomberg. It is also that NCLB law.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Hitler was one man accountable for his actions too.