Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Sad

Poor Rita, she loves the outdoors and sits in the window looking so sad.

I'm too nervous to let her go out and play. It is a big, dangerous world out there and while I never wanted her in the first place, now that she is mine, I want her to be safe.

She'll just have to get her fresh air this way.


Kate said...

I have one of those cats. She was a homeless tramp for over a year before she came to live with me. I just let her out. She kind of insists. She will hide and then leap out the door, clearing the steps, she's halfway across the yard before I realize what happened. Keeping her inside would be torture, and my street is not real busy. She probably won't live as long as she would indoors. At least she has a nice home in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

cats are amazing creatures.
We are dog lovers but a stray captured our hearts. ( even my hubby the cat hater)
We had him for 9 years and when he passed we call cried. My hubby took it the hardest.
Kitty was an amzing loveable stray.