Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Summer Fun

Sorry to bore, but summer time leaves me time to explore and less to bitch about in the field of education.

The Fashion Institute of Technology (I've posted about them before) is the only museum in NYC totally dedicated to fashion. And, it is FREE!!!! Most of the garments are not behind glass so they are very easy to see.

The current exhibit is by Isabel Toledo, the Cuban born designer whose dress Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration. That dress is only one of the things on display.

Enough of this, you can read all about her online and if you are lucky enough to be in the area, I suggest you pay the exhibit a visit. I am mostly writing about her here because of one of her themes--Organic Geometry, which is a combination of the intuituve and geometric designs. (She starts with a geometric shape and does wonders. The math teacher in me loved this.) Her other themes include Liquid Architecture and Origami.

Running concurrently is an exhibit on Politics and Fashion, which I hope to hit this week.

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