Thursday, July 30, 2009


What good is a high school diploma given to a kid still can't read or write or do simple math?

What good is a high school diploma given to a kid whose teacher has been persuaded to pass him even though he has been absent 30 times, does not homework and is disrespectful?

Ask Bloomberg. He'll tell you that he is increasing graduation rates in NYC. He's moving them off the education budget and into the welfare budget.

But, he is the education mayor. He must be doing something right.


Mr. Talk said...

I think the mayor and Klein saw The Wizard of Oz one too many times. They think that giving the scarecrow a diploma made him smart.

Anonymous said...

I would take solace in the fact that in california there is a teacher blogger called childEater that says the same thing...

In texas there is someone called makethechildrenpay who says the same thing...

In Ohio there is someone called WeAreDoomed who says the same thing...

In Nebraska there is someone called MoveToMarsWeHaveABetterShot who says the same thing...

There is a scroll in which Plato said the same thing about those rascals he taught.

There is a tablet with notes Moses teacher chisled to just move Moses along.

Hell... Einstein was just considered a pain, his Guidance Counselor had to beg to get him through or they were sending him to the coal mines.

I here Mayor Mike himself barely got through High School. Probably why he has the philosphy he has.

Klein was beat up repeatedly he can't help himself.

Pissedoffteacher said...

what does any of that have to do with giving kids diplomas who know nothing. Einstein knew plenty when he finished school.

Pissedoffteacher said...
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Anonymous said...

1. No kid "should" get a diploma unless he has meet the requirements legally. If any principal, a.p., teacher "cheat" in order to better their stats they should be prosecuted.

If anyone cheats in order to make their numbers better they don't belong in the business. No self respecting educater in my opinion do that. However, I know there are cheats out there so I won't say it doesn't happen.

2. I think that there is nothing wrong with advocating on a kids behalf for the sake of the kid not the stat.

3. My point about Einstein is that maybe his English teacher, or social studies teacher thought he was a disrepectful dope who knew nothing.

4. I think the issue with education is a national one... NOT a NYC one.

5. If the standards are too low - let's address that. If kids aren't learning... let's look a the reasons why.

6. I am not a Bloomberg groupie. I have however worked on his first 2 campaigns and strongly support the idea of Mayoral Control. I will support and always push that the Mayor of this city be held accountable for schools. The Old System of the Board of Education breeds corruption, nepotism and medocrity. We tried that system... let's try a new one.

7. You take great pictures... please don't stop. The gandola ride into the mountains looked breath taking!

Safe trip home.