Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pictures, Smart Boards and An Apology

Arthur Ash Tennis Stadium

Citifield--new home of the Mets

Unisphere from the 1960's World's Fair

Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey
Lower Manhattan

(Views from the sky--this is the first time I came in directly over Manhattan during the day. )

Being on vacation, I didn't read my e-mails as carefully as I should have.
I just realized that we are going to be given Smart Board training. I should not have jumped to conclusions. I should have known better.

I can assure any readers that I will be as quick to praise as I was to criticize. To make amends, I promise to be the math teacher that brings the Smart Board to the math department at Packemin, once I know how to use it, that is.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to get a smartboard for the library, what a great idea, since I do not have a black/white board. I was told I could not have a smartboard since I was not a classroom.

Anonymous said...

national tennis center, not shea by the way.

apple said...

after an obscenely useless training offered by the DOE, my AP asked that I develop a training on smartboards for my school. i would be glad to send you the materials i made, if you'd like a head start on them. one thing you've mentioned is that they'll only be available during class time, and not on your preps to practice. this would probably be an interesting topic to bring up with the trainer.

mathematicamama said...

I stayed after late late late, and came in on a Saturday to practice.
I realize that's not feasible for everyone, but I needed it and it worked for me.