Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How Did This Happen?

We have been told to stop teaching "why" and only teach "how".

Years ago, we were taught to elicit aims and methods from our students. I know that when I understand why something works, it makes sense and I can move forward. Without understanding, I can only reproduce what I have been shown. I have no ability to apply my knowledge.

We are supposed to be training kids for the new world, a world where factory jobs and menial jobs will not exist. We are supposed to be getting them ready for college. Obama said a high school diploma is not enough. When did we stop doing what the students of today need the most? When did we stop teaching kids to think?


Schoolgal said...

You said it so well. Higher order thinking skills are now reduced to picking a, b, c, or none of the above.

We are creating a generation of idiots--and didn't Obama say he wanted us to be the greatest nation in the world once again?

Only the wealthy will benefit from a good education. Only private schools will be able to foster creativity.

We will never be a nation of innovators or problem solvers if we can't ask the "why"?

I really think you should expand on this topic and the factors that make it impossible to find tutoring time in an overcrowded high school and submit it for an op-ed piece on why schools are really failing.

NYC Educator said...

Next year they'll tell you to stop teaching "how" and to teach "when." Then "where." Don't get nervous until they have you looking for "whom."