Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Here's An Idea

Stop worrying about my motives for writing what write and start fixing the problem. (Make sure to read the comment section of this post)

I hate bullies and incompetence and have and always will take a stand against both of these things.

I got bumped once and I promised to bump back and I intend to keep doing just that.

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Anonymous said...

Miss PO'd
You ran a post once about an AP being a Master Teacher. I would like to share how embarrassing it is to work in a department where the AP knows nothing of your subject. We have an AP who taught foreign language at another school and is now AP of Math. They needed someone? We have no "go to" person anymore. We have no one who knows how to answer difficult problems and in fact created new ones because she doesnt understand the concepts of Algebra or Geometry. It is extremely painful, that is all I can say. What should we do as a department?