Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Difference Of Opinion

We tell our students that learning is a hands on activity. They can't learn anything unless there is active participation on their part.

I can't learn to swim by watching someone splash around in a pool but truthfully, I am probably to old to learn anyway, so it doesn't matter. The Smart Board on the other hand, I am not too old to learn how to use. I know with proper training and practice, I could become an expert in no time.
(Picture from The World Of Coca Cola, Atlanta, Ga.)


Kim Hughey said...

If you and Riccochet jumped a plane and headed on over to San Antonio for winter break, I could give you free lessons! You could even count it as a business expense for professional development.

On a serious note, once you start to learn how to use the board you become seriously addicted and wonder how you will teach if the projector bulb goes out or your computer crashes.

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Anonymous said...

The only training I have received has been from other teachers who have mastered using the smart board in their classrooms in various disciplines. As a reward, they were asked to conduct staff development workshops. I am a bit awkward around technology, but I am very willing to learn. My pace, however, is a bit slower than those of us who are already hard wired and for whom the use of technology is second nature. I hope there will one day be a staff development workshop incorporating the use of smart boards for slower learners. I have special needs when it comes to learning technology or at least how to get started; it is not second nature for me.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. H is correct! I was so hesitant to use it and now you can't take me away from it. I love, love, love it.

The first day of school, since my addiction to the smartboard, is always the same question, "where's my smartboard? When will the school aide bring it to my room?"

Once it's in my room, I'm the happiest, technologically able teacher in the entire school.