Saturday, February 27, 2010

Advice To NYC Tourists

Snowman right near the glass steps, Times Square--Look close, my friend noticed he's anatomically correct.
Reflections in the sun.

The best advice I can give to any NYC tourists is to look up while walking around the city. Today was beautiful and although we didn't spend that much time walking around it was enough to see things we have missed in the past.

BTW, today's adventure included seeing Rob Becker's Defending The Caveman, a one man show about male-female relations. While it is not the best show I have seen, it is entertaining and well worth the $25 TDF ticket cost.

(I just found out I am running out of room posting pictures here. I am too cheap to pay for extra storage so I guess I will have to go back and delete some of the older shots, that is, if I can figure out how to do it. Meanwhile I am going to keep my shots here to a minimum.)


Anonymous said...

Would posting the pictures on flickr then embedding them count against you?

I love your photographs and would miss them.

Andree said...

I'm one of your usually silent lurkers that reads your feed but doesn't comment (frustrating, isn't it?). Anyhow, use flickr! I had to. And Google organizes photos on Picasa in some awful way so it's a mess. After uploading to flickr, right click on your image, select "copy image location" (you may have to go to a large view of the photo), right click on the location, and put that in the URL text field on the image button window on blogger. If you use Firefox or Flock you can resize by dragging the corner of your photo about to the correct size. If you use you have fewer options to resize images, but you do get 3 or 4 choices. If you don't use you are sorta outta luck!

Don't delete! This is an archive of your life!